About Us

EVERON (Ever+On) symbolizes quality and continuity. It's a promise of performance with perfection. Our name reflects in our product and services.

Since its inception more than two decades ago, EVERON has endeavored to pursue its mission by specializing in design, manufacture and technical support of equipment for energy conversion, covering a broad spectrum of power solutions, specially Static voltage stabilizers, DC UPS Systems, for critical application areas in Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Defence, Telecommunication, Power Generating Stations, Airports, and other industrial applications. We are focused on advanced Power electronics in the area of Solar Photovoltaic Energy, employing next generation digital embedded systems to ensure outstanding performance.

Thanks to the advanced quality reliability and serviceability, that characterizes the products offered, EVERON today gears its technological achievements towards constant evolution of the Solar Photovoltaic industry. Watch out our product line and you will find the difference that we make to your experience.

Our Clients