Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)

We manufacture State of The art Technology Off-Grid Solar Power Conditioning Units. Our product Range starts from 12 V, 100 VA to 180 V, 10.0 KVA. Designed around Ultra-Flex computing platform they are among the most reliable and efficient range of off-grid solar inverters. Producing pure sine wave output and equipped with industry standard MPPT charge controller built in a single high efficiency package. Our solar PCU meet the highest standards of technical excellence and reliability.

Salient Features:
  • Advanced Micro-Computer Based
  • Pure Sine-wave Bi-directional Inverter
  • Built-in MPPT charge controller
  • Inverter efficiency > 85%
  • Isolated output
  • Multi-function Digital Display
  • Built-in Real time Clock
  • Communication Port (RS232)

Our Clients